Military Heritage


Honoring our Heroes

Military heritage runs deep in our hearts and is shown throughout our memorials and other must see sites. Located in the heart of Jacksonville you will find the Freedom Fountain, Lejeune Memorial Gardens, the Beirut Memorial, the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the 9/11 Memorial Beam and the Montford Point Marine Museum. Check out these sites during your visit to Jacksonville, and join us as we honor our heroes.

For your convenience, download and print this guide to Lejeune Memorial Gardens.

Freedom Fountain

Built with community donations from the City and County, the Freedom Fountain stands at the gateway to downtown Jacksonville and honors those who have passed through Onslow County while in service to our country. The design features a disappearing edge fountain basin framed by a curved wall with arches and large medallions representing the 5 armed services. Flags and fountain jets representing federal, state, and local governments are featured as well as water jets to represent each of the 50 states. Five flag poles were added in 2015 and proudly fly the flags of all branches of the military. The Freedom Fountain is located at 895 New Bridge Street. 

Lejeune Memorial Gardens

Lejeune Memorial Gardens is home to the Beirut Memorial, the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Montford Point Marine Memorial, and 9/11 Memorial Beam from the World Trade Center. Lejeune Memorial Gardens is located at 109 Montford Landing Road.

Currently, at what will be part of the entryway for the Carolina Museum of the Marine, sits a large Eagle, Globe, and Anchor statue over a reflective pond.

Jacksonville’s greenways and trails also wind through Lejeune Memorial Gardens connecting Military bases and City trails.

9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial features a beam from the Twin Towers, presented by the police and firefighters of New York to the first troops to invade Iraq following the Tuesday, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Beam is located between the Beirut Memorial and the entry wall to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each year, the Patriot Day Observance takes place at the beam at 8:15AM to mark the time that the first of the Twin Towers was struck. This observance is open to the public.

Beirut Memorial

The Beirut Memorial was a gift from the citizens of Onslow County. It serves as a solemn tribute to 273 Marines who gave the last full measure of devotion in Lebanon and Grenada on October 23, 1983. The names of each man are engraved in granite along with the words “They Came In Peace.” Set in a wooded site with beautiful landscaping, this is a fitting tribute to our military men and women who answer the call everyday without regard to personal safety. Each year, a Remembrance Observance takes place on October 23 at the Beirut Memorial to remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice for their country.

Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Reflection Pool

The statue is located at the entryway to the future Museum of the Marine and is the largest 3-D representation of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor statue in the world. Each star on the globe represents places where Marines have routinely deployed. 

Montford Point Marine Memorial

The newest edition to Lejeune Memorial Gardens, the Montford Point Marine Memorialhonors the Montford Point Marines, African American Marines who bravely served their country during WWII. These Marines were the first African Americans to serve in the US Marine Corps. The Montford Point Marine Museum, located on the hallowed grounds at Montford Point Camp in the East Wing Building, was established to preserve the legacy of these brave men. Museum information is available online at Montford Point Marine Museum

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the second largest Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the nation and one of only a few that lists all the names of the fallen. The Memorial includes an entry wall with symbols for all branches of the military, a walkway and bridge with French design, a glass wall with etched names of those MIA, POW or dead, a dome, and a fountain.